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Our technicians have completed hybrid-specific training courses and we have hybrid-specific tools in our arsenal of automotive tools. Our shop in Ventura is well equipped for any hybrid-related repairs ranging from oil changes and basic maintenance procedures to more sophisticated servicing such as hybrid transmission work, battery issues, or inverter replacement.

There are a few different variations of the Hybrid design which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or from model to model. Regardless of manufacturer or model hybrid designs require vehicle specific knowledge as well as vehicle specific tools and training to service effectively and efficiently.

Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

While regular oil changes are important to any car, they are particularly important to the maintenance of hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles run very low viscosity oil and have closer machining tolerances in the engines to improve efficiency, and as a result they can actually have driveability issues strictly as a result of the oil being dirty or from operating with oil that is not of the appropriate weight or viscosity. It is important for hybrid owners to trust the care and maintenance of their vehicles to an auto shop which is not only knowledgeable of the particular make and model, but also possesses the experience, training, and tools to properly service the vehicle.

The service indicators, maintenance lights, and warning lights all function comparably to standard fuel-burning vehicles although there a few indicators which are specific to hybrid vehicles. Owning a hybrid isn't a great deal different than owning any other vehicle from a maintenance perspective. Hybrid vehicles do need to adhere to a regular service plan and each owner should have their hybrid vehicle regularly scheduled for oil change services.

More Info on Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars, or Hybrid Electric Vehicles, are a fairly recent newcomer to the auto industry compared to the standard fuel-burning-engine designs which have been in production for many decades. Hybrid vehicles are unique in that they typically contain a smaller gasoline engine married to a transmission, and in the case of the Prius, inside the transmission there are two electric motors - one large and one small. Those electric motors output power as well as capture power and work in reverse as generators when the vehicle is slowing down. Hybrid vehicles can use these motors as generators to help slow the vehicle, recapturing that inertia and charging the battery during that time. Therefore, there are more complex systems at work within a Hybrid vehicle's system than in a conventional automobile.

Hybrid Makes and Models

Some of the most popular hybrid vehicles include the Subaru XV Crosstrek, Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, Ford C-Max Hybrid, Acura ILX, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid, and the Toyota Prius is the most-purchased hybrid car. Many more manufacturers and models have entered the hybrid market recently. Some of these models can achieve a fuel-efficiency rating greater than 50 miles per gallon so it is easy to understand the reason for their popularity.

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