Tallmadge OH Automotive Radiator

The radiator is a key component used in your car's engine for cooling purposes to prevent the engine from overheating. Overheating can cause a variety of damage to your engine, notably piston and valve damage including damage to cylinder walls and disfiguration of valves.

Because the radiator helps to regulate the car's oil temperature a malfunctioning radiator can contribute to oil related issues such as rod problems. If issues such as this are allowed to persist for long enough then the damage may become so severe that the engine may require extensive repairs or a complete rebuild in some cases.

Operating your car with a poorly maintained cooling system (of which the radiator is a crucial component) is like navigating a minefield, eventually you'll encounter and explosion of repairs. Other potential damages includes a blown head gasket, a cracked engine head or a cracked engine block. Some of these repairs are known to be quite expensive in some scenarios.

The best way to prevent any of this severe damage is to have your vehicle regularly maintained by a professional mechanic. We can provide you with a complete inspection of your radiator and cooling system and create a schedule of planned maintenance which is highly effective and reducing or eliminating unplanned repairs and unnecessary damage. If your car has been experiencing issues with running hot or overheating call us to discuss the issue and keep your engine running cool.